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Vertical Gearmotor

The Dodge Vertical Gearmotor (VGM) offers an alternative to the common vertical pump drive technologies, which utilize large, high pole count vertical motors or a combination of a horizontal motor with a right angle gear reducer. The Vertical Gearmotor can have significant benefits when compared to these other pump drive systems.


  • The Dodge Vertical Gearmotor has a smaller footprint and is lighter than traditional pump drive systems. Weight differential depends on the application, but is typically 10% to 30% less. This reduces support structure and facility costs.
  • The ability to use a lower pole count motor offers a significant cost savings opportunity over high pole count motors. The use of standard 4-6 pole motors increases availability.
  • Utilizing the reducer to accommodate thrust loading is more cost effective than designing this functionality into the motor.
  • Where an anti-rotation device is required, it is easily incorporated into the Vertical Gearmotor configuration.
  • Higher Efficiency and Power Factor
  • Optimal Pump Shaft Speed

Common Applications

  • Pumping applications

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